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We offer a range of global multi asset investment solutions designed to suit most investor goals and risk tolerances. 

Simplicity is a key attraction of investing in a multi-asset fund - with one investment you can instantly gain access to a diversified portfolio with a variety of different asset types. Having that mix of assets, and from different regions and sectors too, helps to manage the fluctuations that occur in financial markets and smooth your investment journey. Our aim is to deliver investment returns above inflation over the long term.

The value of investments and the income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

Our Chief Investment Officer, Graham Bishop explains more about how we invest. 

As active investment managers we do more than simply build investment strategies that mirror broader markets. Instead, we use our proprietary investment process to seek out the specific investment areas and assets most likely to achieve our investors’ goals over the long term.

We take a very pragmatic approach to investing, adapting the precise composition of our strategies in response to different economic environments. Creating a smooth investment journey across fluctuations in financial markets is another of our core goals. A firmly collegiate approach also ensures that our process and philosophy is shared throughout the entire investment team, providing stability and consistency for our investors.

Our aim is simple: to deliver investment returns above inflation over the long term. We do this through a range of multi asset investment strategies (core, sustainable and income) designed to appeal to investors with different risk/return objectives.

Find out more about how our range of investment solutions can help you to achieve your investment goals:

Our promise

Putting people first is at the heart of our culture: looking after our customers, keeping our proposition simple and focusing our staff on what they are good at. We take a long-term view, both for our investments and for our business.

When managing investments, we expect to be held accountable. We believe our customers have a right to be told, in jargon-free language, how their investments are performing. In our communications, we strive to be open and frank, in both good times and bad.

Building on that, we try to make ourselves accessible, creating opportunities for our customers to meet and directly question members of our investment team. Meeting the key decision makers is a differentiator compared to many of our peers.

We also offer customers our award-winning Dynamic Client Centre reporting tool to see round-the-clock information on their portfolios. The tool can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile devices and includes daily performance analysis and insightful commentary on each of our investment strategies.

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