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In the following video, Graham and Ben discuss the growth in popularity of sustainable investing including an overview of the history and development of our four multi asset strategies and our three-stage investment philosophy, at the heart of which is our focus on helping our customers to achieve their investment goals while investing sustainably.

Most of you will have seen distressing documentaries and news stories on such topics as climate breakdown, plastic pollution and dangerous working practices. And we're sure you'll agree that we need to make changes now to create a better world for current and future generations.

Indeed, our consumption patterns are already reflecting a change for the better. When we need to buy, we're increasingly trying to buy responsibly and buying responsibly now includes your investment portfolio.

Our mission statement

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Source: Handelsbanken Asset Management

We offer four global sustainable multi asset funds catering to a spectrum of different risk preferences and financial return targets. Whatever your financial goals, and whatever your appetite for risk, we believe we have a strategy to suit you.

The funds aim to offer financial returns in excess of consumer price inflation (‘CPI’) over any given five-year period. These return targets range from CPI+1% for our lowest risk, Defensive Sustainable, strategy up to CPI+4% for our higher risk Growth Sustainable strategy, reflecting the need to take on greater risk in order to create the potential for higher returns.

Read more about how we invest sustainably

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Impact Report

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Sustainable Investment Policy

Our 'three pillars' investment process

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Source: Handelsbanken Asset Management

The sustainable funds are actively managed within the same investment process as our core funds, while the sustainable credentials of a potential investment are assessed against our ‘three pillars’ sustainability process.


We don’t invest in businesses that focus on tobacco, alcohol or weapons or engage in pornography or gambling. Investments are excluded if more than 5%* or $500m of their revenue is generated from these sectors   (*Zero tolerance for producers of tobacco and 15% for sales.)

Environmental, societal & governance (ESG) integration

These are investment products that try first, to invest in companies that have positive ESG factors and second, to invest in companies and governments that can evidence commitment to improving their ESG scores.

Impact investing

The goal is to make money by solving a specific problem, such as building social housing or renewable energy generation, or researching biotech solutions for hard-to-treat diseases or conditions.

Find out more about our sustainable funds

Download our sustainable fund literature here

Defensive Sustainable Fund

Download our sustainable fund literature here

Cautious Sustainable Fund

Download our sustainable fund literature here

Balanced Sustainable Fund

Download our sustainable fund literature here

Growth Sustainable Fund

Latest Thinking: Sustainable

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Investment Outlook

Is the future bright for sustainable assets?

Wealth Insight

Investing for Impact

Investment Insight

Celebrating the first anniversary of our sustainable fund range

Investment Insight

What do sustainable investment labels really mean?

Handelsbanken Asset Management and The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association 

We are proud to be a member of The UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), as a way of demonstrating our commitment to creating a more sustainable and responsible finance system in the UK. UKSIF membership allows us to collaborate on pioneering new research within UKSIF projects, and also gives us access to knowledge on emerging issues and key contacts within the sustainable industry.

Find out more about our core and income funds and how to invest

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Core funds

An in-depth look at our core multi asset funds

Income investing

An in-depth look at our income multi asset funds

Stocks and Shares ISA

Our global multi asset funds are available throughout our range of ISA solutions to help you make the most of your annual tax allowances.

Self Select

Our global multi-asset funds are available to invest in directly via your Handelsbanken Individual Online Banking

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