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Protecting your assets and wishes

We understand your desire to protect the wealth you have worked hard to build, and the need for it to fund your dreams, your lifestyle, and your legacy.

Your wealth adviser will work out how much money you’ll need for the rest of your life and how much you can afford to give away. They will consider lifetime gifting, post death legacy, including inheritance tax planning, and gifting plans. With your permission, your adviser will work with other trusted parties such as your solicitor or accountant, and any other key advisers you choose.

A valid will is vital

Having a will in place is vital, as well as ensuring that it remains valid (many people do not realise that marriage, for example, invalidates a will). Equally, while many consider ‘powers of attorney’ to be a matter for old age, good planning in this area can also protect you in cases of unexpected health needs or serious injury. While such topics can be highly emotive and uncomfortable, they could be critical in protecting your assets against being frozen or ending up in an unintended place.

A tax-efficient plan

Careful estate planning helps you pass on assets tax-efficiently, allowing your family and others to benefit from a greater share of your wealth. But it can be complex area and often requires specialist advice. Inheritance tax in particular can leave an unexpected hole in your legacy if you don't take steps to reduce its impact during your lifetime, such as by gifting your wealth. Your wealth adviser and our tax team can guide you through the rules around making gifts and annual gift allowances, and build those into your financial plan.

Find out more about pensions, tax, and planning for your retirement

Navigating pensions

Understanding how your pension benefits will be taxed is an important part of developing your wealth plan. Your wealth adviser can guide you through the myriad of pensions legislation to help you to achieve your best outcome.



The earlier you start your retirement plan the better. And the process doesn’t have to be difficult or take a long time. Let us help you to find what you need to make your retirement as simple and stress-free as possible.


Making tax less taxing

Growing and preserving your wealth depends on a number of factors not least how tax-efficiently your wealth and investments are managed. We can help you to successfully navigate complex tax and financial systems.


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Future proof your family's financial planning

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Inheritance planning

Inheritance tax can be an expensive liability for your loved ones to bear. However, careful tax planning during your lifetime coupled with the effective use of available reliefs and exemptions can reduce your exposure to inheritance tax.

Investing in education: planning for school fees

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