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Your investment portfolio should reflect your ambitions, your attitude to risk, and your time horizon

Whether you are investing to fund your income for retirement, to cover education costs, or to help the next generation, we can help you grow what you have already built. Key to this is understanding your ambitions, your attitude to risk, and your time horizon. Based on these factors, we will advise you on the best investment strategy to meet your future needs, while balancing risk and return.

We will invest your money in our range of global multi asset funds, run by our in-house investment experts. Being multi asset means the majority of our funds focus on a blend of asset types (such as shares, bonds and alternative assets) in order to perform in a range of financial market conditions.

We are active investors and we take a top-down approach to investing. That means we look at the whole picture first - what’s going on in the global economy and the geopolitical arena, and how this will likely influence various asset types. So for example, we’ll look at factors such as economic growth, central bank policy and government policy. When we invest, our aim is to blend the optimal mix of different investments within each of our funds according to our view on where financial markets are today, and crucially, where we think they will be in the future.

You can learn more about multi asset investing on the following link:

Learning zone: Multi Asset

Your wealth adviser will help you decide which fund (or funds) is best for you, making the most efficient use of your tax allowances and structures such as ISAs and pensions

Our aim is simple: to deliver investment returns above inflation over the long term through our range of actively managed funds designed to meet different goals and preferences.

With this in mind, ten out of our eleven funds aim to offer financial returns in excess of inflation (as measured by the consumer price index 'CPI') over any given five-year period. These return targets range from CPI+1% for our lowest risk Defensive fund up to CPI+4% for our higher risk Growth fund, reflecting the need to take on greater risk in order to create the potential for higher returns.

Our Adventurous fund, designed for our most pro-risk investors, aims specifically to beat the returns offered by the global stock market (represented by the MSCI All Country World Index) over any given five-year period.

Investing for a sustainable future

For some, investing for your future means more than financial goals and outcomes. It means putting that money to work for the good of the planet and the good of society. Our four sustainable multi asset funds offer the opportunity to put your capital to work.

Our Sustainable Investment Policy explains more about our sustainable investment process.

Sustainable Investment Policy

Investing for income

From supporting your retirement to meeting ongoing financial commitments, there are many reasons why you may require a regular income from your investment portfolio.

We offer the choice of a cautious (Income) or balanced (Income Plus) approach, as well as the option to withdraw or reinvest the income received. The funds pay out on a monthly basis, with quarterly ‘top ups’ made to pay out any excess returns.

It is important to note that financial returns are not assured: there is no guarantee that the funds’ performance objectives will be met, or that a positive return will be delivered over any time period. When you invest, your capital is at risk.

You can find out more about our core, sustainable, and income funds, together with important information, on the links below:

Core funds

The five funds making up our core investment range cater to a spectrum of different risk preferences and financial return targets, ranging from Defensive (low risk) to Adventurous (high risk).


Sustainable funds

The sustainable funds are managed with the same investment process as our core funds, with each potential investment being additionally assessed against our sustainable criteria.


Income funds

Our income funds provide the option to withdraw or reinvest the income received on your investment. The funds pay out on a monthly basis, with quarterly ‘top ups’ made to pay out any excess returns.


Fund information

Before investing, please read the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) which contains important information including risk factors and charges. You can find all fund documents in this section.

Fund information

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