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Providing solutions for income seekers

From supporting your retirement to meeting ongoing financial commitments, there are many reasons why you might require a regular income from your investments.

Our income funds aim to deliver positive financial returns after the effects of inflation are removed, over any given five-year period. In response to different risk appetites, we offer the choice of a cautious (Income) or balanced (Income Plus) approach, as well as the option to withdraw or reinvest the income received.

Two income options to meet different needs


Source: Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

Using a range of asset types to meet customer goals

As multi asset investors, we are able to manage money creatively and pragmatically, moving across asset classes, countries and sectors to find the world’s best income opportunities.

The income we uncover can come from dividends (via shares), coupons (on bonds), rent (from property), and many other sources. The level of risk and targeted returns for our two income strategies is reflected in the precise mix of asset types they contain.

We Take Multiple Routes In Our Search For Sustainable Income

Source: Handelsbanken Wealth & Asset Management

Receiving your income payouts

As an investor in our income funds, you receive sustainable payouts from those funds on a monthly basis, with quarterly ‘top ups’ made to pay out any excess returns. Our income funds provide ‘natural’ distributions of income – we do not make pay outs from investment capital.

Please contact us for the latest information on the funds’ current payout levels.

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