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The core funds target returns in excess of inflation

The five funds making up our core investment range cater to a spectrum of different risk preferences and financial return targets. Whatever your financial goals, and whatever your appetite for risk, we believe we have a fund to suit you.

A spectrum of options designed to meet a range of customer preferences

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Source: Handelsbanken Asset Management

Four of our five funds aim to offer financial returns in excess of consumer price inflation (‘CPI’) over any given five-year period. These return targets range from CPI+1% for our lowest risk (Defensive) fund up to CPI+4% for our higher risk Growth fund, reflecting the need to take on greater risk in order to create the potential for higher returns. Our Adventurous fund, which is designed for our most pro-risk investors, aims specifically to beat the returns offered by the global stock market (represented by the MSCI All Country World Index).

Building an appropriate mix of assets to achieve your goals

The mix of investments used to build our portfolios showcases our expertise in selecting a range of different asset types. This includes investments intended to diversify risk within our portfolios (such as developed world government bonds), as well as those focused on driving financial returns (such as global shares).

The level of risk and targeted returns for each of our funds is reflected in the precise mix of asset types they contain:

  • Our lower risk funds (like Defensive and Cautious) include a greater proportion of lower risk assets like bonds.
  • Our highest risk fund (Adventurous) is exclusively focused on shares (equities).

Dynamically selected asset blends to match chosen risk and return levels

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Source: Handelsbanken Asset Management

Find out more about our individual core funds

Download our core fund literature here


Download our core fund literature here


Download our core fund literature here


Download our core fund literature here


Download our core fund literature here


Find out more about our sustainable and income funds and how to invest

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Income investing

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Stocks and Shares ISA

Our global multi asset funds are available throughout our range of ISA solutions to help you make the most of your annual tax allowances.

Self Select

Our global multi-asset funds are available to invest in directly via your Handelsbanken Individual Online Banking

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